Ricky Gill for Congress 

November 13, 2012 

Dear Friends,

I wish that a celebratory note was in order, and that the outcome of this campaign had been different. Although we did not prevail in this contest, we accomplished something meaningful, and I have nothing but positive thoughts about our shared endeavor.


This election inspired people from every segment of our community to stand up for our right to self-representation. We gave voice to a neglected community and gave pause to those who say apathy dominates our politics. Those disenchanted with the status quo advocated for a new generation of leadership; individuals young and old fought side by side for opportunity.


As your candidate, I worked to provide a platform for our message. It truly was the most humbling experience of my life to serve in this capacity. Your efforts on my behalf were nothing short of extraordinary, and they made a positive difference. Working together, we took our community's story to the national stage and addressed the need for new ideas and new jobs in this district. For that, we should be proud.


My hope is that you maintain your involvement in our community as this campaign concludes. I ask that you treat your service to this effort not as an aberration, but rather as a foundation on which to build. Never forget that community is larger than self, and that your service can help chart a better path forward.


Thank you again for your faith in me. I will remain forever grateful for your support. 

Very truly yours,


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Ricky Gill



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