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About Ricky Gill

About Ricky Gill

Ricky Gill is a native of the Central Valley and the son of immigrant physicians and farmers. His Valley roots, extensive background in local real estate, and substantial history of public service on the California State Board of Education, in the U.S. State Department and on the White House’s National Security Council have prepared him to represent the people of the Central Valley in Congress.


Proven Leadership
for California and America

Proven Leadership
for California
and America

The California State Board of Education:

Leading on parental choice and involvement.

In 2004, Ricky Gill was selected by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to serve as the sole student member of the California State Board of Education. A proponent of rigorous accountability and high standards, he was proud to stand with parents who want choice and influence over the education of their children. 



The State Department:

Relocating the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Ricky Gill is passionate about real estate development. This ultimately led to his political appointment by President Donald Trump to the US Department of State’s Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO), which constructs all US Embassies around the world. One of his first responsibilities was to guide the real estate process regarding the relocation of the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. As a Senior Advisor at OBO, Ricky kept U.S. diplomats safe and secure by accelerating U.S. Embassy construction projects. 


The National Security Council:

Confronting our adversaries and promoting energy security.

In 2020, National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien assigned Ricky to the White House’s National Security Council (NSC), where he became a Director in the European and Russian Affairs Directorate. He was tasked with fighting Russia’s Nord Stream 2 energy pipeline, ensuring that European Allies did not become hostage to Moscow, while maintaining a healthy domestic energy supply for US consumers. Over time, his portfolio expanded to countering Chinese Communist Party influence in Europe. Since leaving government service, Ricky has published op-eds on his NSC areas of expertise in Newsweek and The National Interest.


Valley Agriculture and Real Estate:

A Champion for small business.

In his private sector career, Ricky focused on operating and developing real property, including a top-100 RV resort and retail centers for some of the most recognizable global brands. Ricky’s family has been farming in the Central Valley for four decades, and he will always be a loyal friend of California’s agricultural communities.



In 2012, Ricky Gill won the Republican nomination for Congressional District 9 and was a featured speaker at the 2012 Republican National Convention. A recipient of the Frank H. and Eva B. Buck Scholarship, Ricky graduated Phi Beta Kappa with honors from Princeton University. He subsequently earned a law degree from the University of California, Berkeley.


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