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Ricky Gill for Congress
Congressional Candidate Ricky Gill Releases Official Campaign Video

Ricky Gill, a Central Valley native seeking election to the Modesto area Congressional District, released today an official campaign video highlighting several key issues prominent in his fight to bring fresh, fearless leadership to families, farmers and residents of the Valley.

Ricky Gill Launch Video
Ricky Gill for Congress
Ricky Gill Launches campaign for Congress

Ricky Gill, a Central Valley native and former State Board of Education Member, US State Department senior advisor, and White House National Security Council Director, announced today he has filed for the Modesto area Congressional District (10).  

Ricky Gill for Congress
Washington Free Beacon
Trump Foreign Policy Official To Launch California Congressional Bid

Former senior Trump administration official Ricky Gill is gearing up to run for a seat in Congress in 2022, sources close to the campaign told the Washington Free Beacon.

Ricky Gill joins race for US Congress
The National Interest
On Russia, Joe Biden Has Struck Out | Ricky Gill Op-Ed

With baseball aficionados seized with postseason excitement, it is appropriate to use metaphors associated with America’s favorite pastime. Even in realms far removed from the baseball diamond, there is always someone keeping score, and “three strikes and you’re out” is still a prima facie case for failure. 

Ricky Gill Op-Ed inThe National Interest
Biden Must Oppose the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline | Ricky Gill Op-Ed

In this era of renewed great power competition it's not often that a single policy decision can hit both Russia and China, but the Nord Stream 2 pipeline presents that opportunity for Team Biden.

Ricky Gill Op-Ed in Newsweek

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